Jun 11, 2009

Love Is Fire xD

actually idk wat should i put the title of dis post..
now i'm listening to Kara - Love Is Fire,so i juz put dis title,hohho..MySpace
ehm,i just wanna share some stories about my patients today..
uncle Gana still there..n now he started to show off his new skill; open n threw out his pampers to the floor..
aiguu..dis morning only,almost 5 times i changed his pampers..
n then got time after he threw his pampers again,
he shouted 'amoi!amoi!saya &^#%$ (ehm,buang air besar)..'
so i go to him n he said 'bodo punya org,lambat!'
huwaa~ is it still my fault??MySpace
but i just ignored all the things he said bcoz its nothing,huhu
so again n again i changed his pampers..
thx God after dat he fell asleep..
then i went to my another patient..
Mr Ang..he still young,21 years old..
just now when i check his BP (blood pressure)
his fon's played Dont Trust Me by 3oh3..
priti nurse : how to pronounce dis group's name?
dat guy : triotri..o,do u like dis kind of songs?
priti nurse : ya..but i dont understand wat they tryin' 2 say..
dat guy : me too,but as long as it nice,just layan la..
priti nurse : ahaha ya..
then i heard uncle Gana open his pampers again~
n dat guy said,must be tired got that kind of patient rite?
i just..MySpace
if i'm weak,sure i cant survived here..
i mean,my heart have to be strong n have to accept any curse words from patientMySpace

'Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile'
Albert Einstein


Dari.Angan.Yang.Tewas said...

tabahnya hang...
hg memang tabah..tabah..tabah..
seriusly aku teruja....
nak tolong teriyak pun ada...
xpa222 pahala banyak..
enjoy evrything in every step u r...!!!!!!

Anna N The Prince said...

thx a lot..
aku tau..huhu..
dah mmg takdir aku kna tlibat dlm bidang ni..
slagi ada kwn2 aku yg cambes mcm hg,
bnda2 camtu small matter ja,acehh..
esok kna mngadap dia lg~
mntak2 mood dia elok esok,huhu..
thx k ^^