Jun 25, 2009


today,my friend n I watched this movie at GSC Summit..
erm,sincerely I'm not into this kind of movie,
but after watching it,
actually I can accept it..
I'm not fall in love with the main actor in this movie,
but i'm sooo in love with Optimus Prime,hehe..
eventhough he's a robot,
but his protecting heart captured me all the way n when he died,
I cant believe that i already burst into tears,haha..
and of course I have to agree that Megan Fox was the sexiest woman on earth.
all guys around me just now were like 'wow!' everytime she appeals her sexy move.
lol am I pervert? xD
its a relieved because it ends just like what I expected..
but the ending not so strong..
its ok la,at least it gives hint that there'll be another continuing movie after this..
I dont understand why I dont like this movie earlier..
need to download the previous transformers movie now..
chalgayo chingu ^^

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