Jun 29, 2009

Girls Generation - ETUDE

SNSD Pictures, Images and Photos

This is a very nice song for me..
Reminds me of their 1st album last 2 years,
and for me,they are still a girl who need to sing a song like this more n more =D
Heres the download link for this song and also the translation and romanization ^^

Download SNSD - Etude

SNSD - Etude (english translation)

listen to my words
girl, please let him know

girl, listen carefully to what i say
for this moment that you've waited so long for
i know why. your sexy image,
your childlike purity.. show them all

oh no. talk a little louder
yes, right. sometimes like a girl
be careful in everything you do

why are you like that. your mistake-filled, awkward actions and words
your charm, none of it is showing. (listen)
show yourself, filled with your lovable cuteness and smile
just like we practiced.. so he'll fall for you, by your side

girl, show him well, even little things like fashion
be lovable, and not awkward
makeup to complement your pale skin
don't put on too much. lightly, vaguely

oh no. heavy perfume is prohibited
yes, right. sometimes like a lady
so you can steal all the gazes

why are you like that. your mistake-filled, awkward actions and words
your charm, none of it is showing. (listen)
show yourself, filled with your lovable cuteness and smile
just like we practiced.. so he'll fall for you, by your side

if he's hooked, send him a sweet look
and let your soft hands lightly touch him

that's it. your perfect actions and words that can melt anything
he's going to fall for your lovable charm (feel it)
girl, please let him know your everything.. little by little, slowly, show him
just like we practiced.. so he'll fall for you, by your side


listen to my words
girl, please let him know

Seohyun: Girl, jal deureobwa naega haneun mal. neom gidaryeowatdeon, i sunganeul wihae

Yoona: I know why , neoui sexyhan moseup ai gateun sunsuham, modu boyeo jullae

TaeYeon: oh No. malhal ttaen jomdeo keuge Yes Right. ttaeroneun sonyeo gatge hanahana josimseureopge haengdonghagi..

*wae geureoni neo sir~su tuseongi neom eosaekhan haengdonggwa maldeul

SooYoung: maeryeogiragon mwo, jeonhyeo boijil anjanha
neoreul boyeojwo sarangseureoun neoui aegyowa nunuseum gadeuk,

Jessica: uri yeonseuphan geudaero puk ppajyeodeureo gage
by your side

Sunny: Girl, jal boyeobwa paesyeonhanado jom sarangseureopge jom eosaekhaji anke

Yuri: make up hayan neoui pibue matge neom jinhaedo andwae. saljjak euneunhage..

Tiffany: oh No. jinachin hyangsu geummul Yes Right. ttaeroneun sungnyeo gatge baraboneun siseon moduda humchyeogage

*wae geureoni neo sir~su tuseongi neom eosaekhan haengdonggwa maldeul

Hyoyeon: maeryeogiragon mwo, jeonhyeo boijil anjanha
neoreul boyeojwo sarangseureoun neoui aegyowa nunuseum gadeuk,

TaeYeon: uri yeonseuphan geudaero puk ppajyeodeureo gage
by your side

Jessica: geuga jeojeodeulmyeon, chokchokhan nunbicheul bonaego

Seohyun: neoui budeureon sonkkeuteul geuege saljjak dake hae

baro geugeoya nogil su inneun neom wanbyeokhan haengdonggwa maldeul
sarangseulowoon nuh eh maelyuk bbajyuh beolil geoya (neuggyeobwa)

Girl please let him know neoui modeungeol jogeumssik cheoncheonhi boyeojwo

TaeYeon: uri yeonseuphan geudaero puk ppajyeodeureo gage
by your side

baro geugeoya

full credits to wonderfulgenerations.blogspot.com
lyrics and translation credits to chungmah and crazykootie @ soompi

Jun 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ayah ^^

Dad Pictures, Images and Photos

A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up,
brushes you off,
and lets you try again.

A dad is someone who
wants to keep you from making mistakes
but instead lets you find your own way,
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with pride when you succeed,
and has faith in you even when you fail...

So dad, u know that I'll always need u in my life,
because u are my hero,
and there's no other man that can replace u in my heart.
All the things that u'd sacrificed for our family,
ur hard work just to make us happy,
ur smile when nothing's going right,
ur tears that been held back behind ur heart,
I knew it very very well..

I hope u still can trust ur only daughter who keep giving u worries..
I promise,at least I'll make u proud with me now..
Even u're far away from me,
and we cant seem to meet everyday,
I really hope that u'll always support me,
because for me,there's no other love that can make me safe other than
God's,mom's n ur love..
I'll be ur greatest daughter!
Just keep healthy,
n have a really blessing day on ur birthday even without me there..
I love u,
more than u ever know..


Jun 25, 2009


today,my friend n I watched this movie at GSC Summit..
erm,sincerely I'm not into this kind of movie,
but after watching it,
actually I can accept it..
I'm not fall in love with the main actor in this movie,
but i'm sooo in love with Optimus Prime,hehe..
eventhough he's a robot,
but his protecting heart captured me all the way n when he died,
I cant believe that i already burst into tears,haha..
and of course I have to agree that Megan Fox was the sexiest woman on earth.
all guys around me just now were like 'wow!' everytime she appeals her sexy move.
lol am I pervert? xD
its a relieved because it ends just like what I expected..
but the ending not so strong..
its ok la,at least it gives hint that there'll be another continuing movie after this..
I dont understand why I dont like this movie earlier..
need to download the previous transformers movie now..
chalgayo chingu ^^

Jun 21, 2009


4 Minute Pictures, Images and Photos
kyaa..here's my latest favour8 group!
i never thought dat their song can catch me up like dis! ^^
people keep saying dat they such a copycat to 2ne1,
but for me,4 minute is more better..
so here's the lyrics n link of their latest MV - Hot Issue!

Hot Issue - Romanization


Yo~ Let me show you something
Girls~ you~ ready? haha let`s go
4 M I N U T E Girl~

meo-ri-bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji Hot Issue ho!
nae mo-deun geot ha-na-ha-na Hot Issue
mo-du da Take control (mo-du da Take control)
nan hang-sang Hot it Hot it Hot it Hot it I I I I I I Issue
One saeng-ga-geop-ssi-neun nae-ga-nae-ga si-neun syu-jeu
Two nae-mam-dae-ro tto ja-kku-ja-kku ha-neun po-jeu
Three a-mu-reo-ke-na sal-jjak-ssal-jjak ba-reun ru-jeu
4 4 4 4 4minute Hot Hot Hot Issue

nae seu-ta-il ha-na-ha-na mo-du da bu-reom-ni
geu-reo-ke eo-seol-peu-ge tta-ra-hal ssun eop-jji
won-ha-myeon tta-ra-wa bwa nae seu-ta-il tta-ra-hae bwa
Shawty Star nan hang-sang Shawty Star
nae-ga Issue Issue Issue nae-ga bo-neun geot-tteul-kka-jji
nae-ga Issue Issue Issue nae-ga deun-neun geot-tteul-kka-jji
nae-ga Issue Issue Issue nae-ga mal-ha-neun geot-kka-ji Babe
(Let’s Jump! Jump! Jump!)

meo-ri-bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji Hot Issue ho!
nae mo-deun geot ha-na-ha-na Hot Issue
mo-du da Take control (mo-du da Take control)
nan hang-sang Hot it Hot it Hot it Hot it I I I I I I Issue
One Two Three Four For~ 4Minute Girl
One Two Three Four For~ 4Minute Girl
One Two Three Four For~ 4Minute Girl
nan hang-sang Hot it Hot it Hot it Hot it I I I I I I Issue

tto-tto-tto cheo-da-bo-ji nae-ge mo-yeo-deul-jji
nal ppo-go so-ri-chi-ji meom-chu-ji an-neun Flash
na-cheo-reom ha-go sim-ni na-cheo-reom doe-go sim-ni
nal tta-ra um-ji-gyeo bwa Boom Boom Shake ya Boom
nae-ga Issue Issue Issue na-ui nun-bit ha-na-kka-ji
nae-ga Issue Issue Issue na-ui son-jit ha-na-kka-ji
nae-ga Issue Issue Issue nae-ga chum-chu-neun geot-kka-ji Babe
(Let’s Jump! Jump! Jump!)

meo-ri-bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji Hot Issue ho!
nae mo-deun geot ha-na-ha-na Hot Issue
mo-du da Take control (mo-du da Take control)
nan hang-sang Hot it Hot it Hot it Hot it I I I I I I Issue

neo-bo-da jal-lo-kan heo-ri jjwak-ppa-jin mae-kkeun-han da-ri
nu-gu-bo-da deo peo-seu-teu re-i-di
na na nan hang-sang hat i-syu

meo-ri-bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji Hot Issue ho!
nae mo-deun geot ha-na-ha-na Hot Issue
mo-du da Take control (mo-du da Take control)
nan hang-sang Hot it Hot it Hot it Hot it I I I I I I Issue
One Two Three Four For~ 4Minute Girl
One Two Three Four For~ 4Minute Girl
One Two Three Four For~ 4Minute Girl
nan hang-sang Hot it Hot it Hot it Hot it I I I I I I Issue
Hot Issue

credits: lollipopice@wordpress

4 Minute - Hot Issue

mv credits: wondersmurf@youtube

Hot Issue MP3 Download Link

Jun 18, 2009

New Crush ! (^^,)

chansung Pictures, Images and Photos

Chansung from 2PM Pictures, Images and Photos
Fall 4 him!haha..
i guess i almost leave DBSK even i dont want 2..
erm,i hope they better continue their 3rd live tour ASAP..
because now ChangMin is almost disappear from my heart..
n Chansung start to control it xD

Jun 14, 2009


Last fall, over 3 million people were brought to tears by the movie Koizora. The original story of Koizora, by the author Mika, was popularized on the cell phone novel site, Mahou no Land, and since then has been turned into a novel, a movie, and now a drama. The highly popular movie will be turned into a drama, which follows the life of a normal higschool girl who experiences many unbelievably sad events, but through it all proving that love conquers all, and this true love story remains unchanged from the movie. Not only does it simply portray the first love of the highschoolers, it shows the warmth from the family, the importance of life, the bonds with friends, and the common happenings of teens, and through it all Mika and Hiro's love story gets unwound.

hurm,dat was the original sypnopsis..

but i juz wanna add my own opinion bout dis super-touching movie ^^

i HATE dis kind of movie, who remind me the reality of life..

we're not always get wat we want rite?

me also,losing my lil bro was a vry painful moment for me..

that was cruel, secretly dying alone,

n dont wanna tell their lovers about it..

my tears start to flow at the middle of the movie,till the end..

if i were that guy, i'll never runaway like dat,

n hurting 2 hearts, mine n him..

i'll tell him everything,

n if he left me, i know that we reali not meant to be......

sori haha i wrote just like i'm the main actress in dis movie =p

for those who wanna know examples of true love,

just watch dis movie, no matter u're a girl or guy..or even a gay..

because its for sure,each of us have a heart n a feeling called LOVE ^^

' Are you happy?'

'Yes I am'

♥ ♥ ♥

Jun 13, 2009

{ I'm Just A Kid }

assalammualaikum..post ni,aku nk tulis dlm bm..sbb nk feeling,hehe

esok aku cuti,selepas 10 hari btugas tnpa henti kat spital..
rini byk bnda bes blaku,alhamdulillah ^^
aku smpat snap beberapa kjadian d spital td,haha
MIRAH,hg nk tgk sgt kan ncik gana?
here it is ~
mr gana

kugi pnuh berkaliber

kak tini n kugi..

atikah n aku..

pic 1st tu..aku nak suap uncle gana mkn,tp dia x nak..
so ini pbualan antara nurse kiut n mr gana =p

nurse kiut : uncle..nk mkn x?sedap ni..
mr gana : apa yg ada?nasi kari ada ka?
nurse kiut : ada bubur ayam la uncle..nasi kari x da,uncle x leh mkn nasi..
mr gana : amoi,u ni apa bikin kat sini?kari pun x reti masak ka?
nurse kiut : uncle,saya kat sini bknnya main msk2..sya jaga org la uncle..
mr gana : sudahla,pegi sana!bising saja..
nurse kiut : so uncle x nak mkn la?
mr gana : x nak!
nurse kiut : mkn la sikit uncle..nnt sakit..mcm mana mau balik?
mr gana : saya kata x nak,x nak la!byk pekak ini org!pegi sana!
nurse kiut : MySpace
aku blalu pergi tnpa kata..
pastu aku try skodeng dia dr seblah..ala..mrajuk pulak..
tu yg selimut mcm tu,haha..
dgr kata dia nk discharge esok..
aku x rasa sakit hati pun dgn sumpah seranah dia kat aku..
nak tgelak ada la..
aku pnah tlepas gelak dpn dia,peh..free aku kna jerit..
tp msti aku rindu gila kat dia klu dia da kuar nnt..huhu
gmbar 2nd n 3rd tu kugi n kak tini..
thx byk2 sbb tlg aku feeding kan uncle michael tu ^^
pic las tu..hehe biasa la..
posing2 sket kan..
o ya,rini ada srg patient,jdkan aku sbg anak agkat dia..
tharu gila aku..
aku ni bknnya baik sgt pun..
cmna la mkcik tu leh bkenan kat aku?? MySpace
lega seblum balik td sempat habiskan suma krja yg ada..
ini ja lah yg aku sempat coretkan..
thx 4 reading!Monkey

'Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die'

Jun 11, 2009

Love Is Fire xD

actually idk wat should i put the title of dis post..
now i'm listening to Kara - Love Is Fire,so i juz put dis title,hohho..MySpace
ehm,i just wanna share some stories about my patients today..
uncle Gana still there..n now he started to show off his new skill; open n threw out his pampers to the floor..
aiguu..dis morning only,almost 5 times i changed his pampers..
n then got time after he threw his pampers again,
he shouted 'amoi!amoi!saya &^#%$ (ehm,buang air besar)..'
so i go to him n he said 'bodo punya org,lambat!'
huwaa~ is it still my fault??MySpace
but i just ignored all the things he said bcoz its nothing,huhu
so again n again i changed his pampers..
thx God after dat he fell asleep..
then i went to my another patient..
Mr Ang..he still young,21 years old..
just now when i check his BP (blood pressure)
his fon's played Dont Trust Me by 3oh3..
priti nurse : how to pronounce dis group's name?
dat guy : triotri..o,do u like dis kind of songs?
priti nurse : ya..but i dont understand wat they tryin' 2 say..
dat guy : me too,but as long as it nice,just layan la..
priti nurse : ahaha ya..
then i heard uncle Gana open his pampers again~
n dat guy said,must be tired got that kind of patient rite?
i just..MySpace
if i'm weak,sure i cant survived here..
i mean,my heart have to be strong n have to accept any curse words from patientMySpace

'Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile'
Albert Einstein

Jun 10, 2009

I Think I... (1)

Nichkhun 2PM
i think i should start writing in english..
today is the best day since i've been a student here ^^
i'll write later because have to sleep rite now~
tomorrow have to get up early T.T
so today i proudly confess that i reali starting to fall in love wit dis job ^^
k la..i've to go now..
n my fon playing 'dont trust me'
haha weirdo song =.='
Nitey Nitez ~

Aku B.E.N.G.A.N.G....

tgh bes2 aku layan game td..tba2 ada housem8 aku gtau yg start rini suma kna stayback kat kolej pas abes posting..
mna boleh..mati r dak2 shif pagi..dahla kna bgn pkol 4.30 pg..
nak kna stayback kat kolej smpai 5 ptg???
mmg mncabar kewibawaan aku ni.
yg shif ptg lak kna pg kolej pkol 11 pagi,
n 12.45 patah balik asrama tggu bas..
satu ja aku nk ckp,
lagi strict rules yg kolej wat,
believe me,lg rmi plajar akan mmbrontak..
we'll see..
mcm mana la ku nk mnmpuhi hari2 mndtg??
jgn jd mental sudah bila sem 6 nnt (^^')

Addicted To.....On9 Games???

huhu,aku sure rmi yg addict kat game on9 kan??
x kira la bola ke,perang ke,tembak2 ke..
yg pasti aku sbg wanita (ahak!)
teramat2 la addict kat game makeover @ makeup..
atau dlm bhs mlayu lbeh dknali n femes sbg game mak andam..
kwn aku ckp,bahagia je muka aku time leh main game2 mcm tu..
ya la,dah wat bnda yg kita ska,mstila bahagia kan?
dah knfem kita wat kerja tsebut dgn seikhlas hati..
mmgla dlm dunia realiti ni aku dah spatutnya x main bnda2 mcm tu,
tp..aku wanita n pya naluri..(hehehe)
so watpa nk dgr ckp org,
wat ja bnda yg kita suka..
brani buat,brani tggung la..
klu x brani,takut kna kutuk or watsoever,
x yah la buat..
hoho emo lak..
k la aku nk smbg men game nih..
tgh mekapkan avril,haha
cantik gila dia..
btuah dpt mak andam mcm aku..(^^,)
k,just do wat u like n the only thing that we regret in our life is the risk that we didnt take..
utk wanita2 mcm aku di luar sana,klik link kat bwh ni klu nak jd mak andam mcm aku..
sila2..jgn malu2..
tp aku x tau la klu ada jgk org laki yg main game mcm ni??? =.='

p/s : hehe hasil karya aku ^^

dan lagi....

vanessa pun ada,hoho

bes gila men game2 mcm ni~ \(^^,)/


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Jun 9, 2009

- Deal With Me -

inilah aku :
- seorg student nurse
- anak ke2 dr 4 org siblings
- the only daughter
- slalu kna bleter dgn mak
- tp rapat yg amat dgn ayah ^^
- tp aku syg dua2 sgt2
- abg aku,rapat gak..haha teman sekomplot xD
- adik yg bwh aku,da mninggal taun 2002,sbb leukimia (al-fatihah)
- adik bgsu aku,skrg drjah 4..tp gatalnya ya Allah.sakit lak ati aku dgr kisah2 playboy dia =.='
- skolah..drjah 1 - 3,(1997-1999)SRK Convent,Muar..drjah 4,(2000)SIGS,JB..drjh 5 n 6 (2001-2002)SKKR,Pendang...form 1-5 (2003-2007) SMKAS,Sik..
- so klu ada kwn2 lama aku yg tbaca page ni,cntact la aku balik ye ^^ rindu gila kat korang!
- seorg yg susah nk mrh,tp bila da start mrh,lmbt plak nk cool (^^')
- ada ramaiiiii kwn n aku syg sumanya ^^
- ska dgr muzik..x kesahla lagu ke,piano ke,akustik ke..jnji otk aku leh trima..
- mmg interested in korean n chinese songs,also japanese songs..so i can learn more about those languages ^^
- berangan2 nk g knsert mna2 artis yg cambes xD
- ske on9,bca buku2 komik n mjlah mcm ujang @apo..susa nk bca mjalah yg bmotivasi
- peh..mmg gila tgk n main bdminton
- ....antikapel,sbb aku mmg x pcayakan lelaki
- x penah jatuh cnta pun seumur idup aku..stakat suka2 time bhingus dulu adala =.='
- rmi org bncikn aku time skul dulu..its ok coz served them rite,i h8 them 2 xD
- susa nk tima balik org yg aku pnah bnci,klu tima pun,knpem ada je bnda yg dia wat mmbncikan aku..
- pntingkan perpaduan ^^ so aku amat mympah dgn org2 yg bsifat pkauman..
- prinsip idup aku dulu 'brani buat,brani tanggung' tp skrg 'walau apapun yg tjadi,hidup msti dtruskan..' waa da matured aku ni! (^^,)
- aku klu x puas ati dgn org,slalu trus trg ja..
- tp kdg2 x brni jgak,ohoho
- pelik ke klu still single d usia mcm ni? 19 taun ya bkn 90
- x phm dgn pmikiran sesetgh org kliling aku kat cni..
- i'm not dat desperate n cheap,trima je mna2 lelaki yg nak kapel dgn aku
- lelaki zmn skrg...ish takut aku nk pikir x.x
- bila da tbukak hati ni nnt,aku juz nk seorg lelaki yg nk mnikahi aku,bkn yg skdr kapel2 bla3 yg buang duit,masa n perasaan..
- so aku tau,slagi aku jaga batasan pgaulan,insyaAllah bakal suami aku pun mcm tu..


- dah siap,japgi nk gi hspital lg..kerja..kerja..kerja..bye!

Jun 8, 2009


not as hard as i thought..
aku igtkan staf nurse kat ctu mnakutkn,
ok ja sbnrnya ^^ hehe
knfemla aku nk cita sai ragam2 psakit yg aku jmpa arini,hehe
1st psakit yg aku attend,
mrs.wong moi..
dia ada demam panas..
aku dahla tba2 dtarik oleh ms ezla.
tnpa rsa bslh dia soh aku wat admission n
observation kat pt tu..
aku pun dgn yakin wat ja la,
dgn sfigmomanometer yg mnyakitkan hati,
n kna guna trmometer manual..
nasib la ms ezla x piat tlinga aku ^^;;
at least dpt gak aku sain utk exprience,
thx ms ezla,saranghae! (^^')
pastu aku attend pt korea (yay! ^^) dgn kak bel utk ambik obsrvation..
park mi young..
mmg bes gila leh ckp korea dgn dia..
1st tu,kak bel nk ambik temp pt tu..
n aku lak ralit usha dia,
sbb dia cute sgt!
n dia tgk aku balik..
suddenly aku 'tercakap'
"hanguk saram ieyo?"
n dia pun dgn yakin jrit
haha nk tcabut trmometer dr mlut dia..
dah aku plak kna mrh dgn kak bel *sori*
pastu time kak bel cek tkanan darah pt tu,
aku tya lak,
"dongbangshinki arayo?nan dongbangshinki nomu chowa" ^^
pastu dia kata
"arayo,nado dongbangshinki nomu chowa"
n ada la jgk aku tya sal suju,
yg pasti kami lg byk gelak dr bckp..
ahaha (^^,)
sbnarnya ada ssetgh bnda yg dia ckp aku x phm pun..
tp aku angguk ja dgn yakin,lalala ~.~
dia da discharged ptg td..
uwaa boringla khidupan aku pasni kat wad tu (x.x)
x pa la,byk lg pt yg mmrlukan khidmat aku..
ha,ada 2 org pt yg mmg lwk bg aku..
srg uncle ni,nma ganapathy..
adoi,jenuh la nk mlayan karenah dia..
dia ada sakit malnutrition..
tp dia mkn (@.@)??
dasat gila..
aku igt lg,ptg td aku bsilat cari bnda2 alah yg pnting..
smata2 nak tukar pampers uncle tu..
dia dah bising
'busuk la nurse,cepatla..tolongla..'
sedih lak aku dgr..
so aku mntak tlg snior sbb brg x ckp..
aku juz tlg2 kot tepi..
sian uncle tu,byk bedsore kat bdn dia..
n yg srg lg plak..
mkn byk jgk..
n kuat tido..
jugak kuat mnjerit..
byk kali lak tu..
org wat positioning dia jerit,
org suap mkn dia jerit..
diorg ni dok seblah2..
dah slalu sgt dia mnjerit..
smpai uncle gana tya aku td
'sapa seblah ni nurse?burung ka??'
hahaha dgn muka x bslh dia leh tya aku soklan mcm tu??
adoi nasib ada kwn indian aku..
dia la yg tlg explain *thx nisha! ^^*
oya,srg lagi pt yg aku incharged td..
mrs maynah..
dia admit dlm pkol 6 cmtu la..
sakit batu karang..
dlm pkol 9.45 mlm td,
staff nurse lam soh aku ambik vital sign mrs maynah ni..
aku pg la..
bru ja nk ambik bp dia,
dr ken dtg..
slow2 aku blah tp aku x klua dr kwsn pt pun,
sja nk tgk cmna dktr cek pt..
besla dr tu,agak sporting..
so pas dktr da abes cek,
aku pun ambk vital sign dia ni..
pastu aku p kaunter dpn utk rekod dlm casenote dia,
n report kat staff nurse lam..
tp tba2 dktr ada lg..
dktr pun tya aku cmna dgn vital sign pt ni..
sudah...jenuh aku speaking td haha..
x tau la dr tu phm ka x..
lntak r jnji yakin
pastu bru aku tringat yg pt request ubat slsema..
aku tya dr,leh ka bg?
n dr kata,
'juz now i check she didnt tell me pun dat she had flu?'
pastu tkulat2 aku ckp
'she wan 2 gv it to her daughter,huhu'
haha n dr ckp 'manyak cntik??'
adoi..mmgla x boleh..
suma mdication utk pt ja..
yakin ja makcik tu,huhu..
ada srg pt dr kedah!!!
tp x smpat nk jmpa lg..
gpun lelaki..
x pa la..
rmi g org kdah nk mai nnt,hehe..
k la..
knfem x dak org bca pos aku ni T.T
x pa la jnji aku leh luah kat cni,hehe..
erm,nurse is such a beautiful job..
its vry cool when u see ur pt slowly bcome more healthy,
n said thx to u evritime u done doing any procedure 2 them..
i used to love dis job,but i still need time 2 reali undrstand it..
insyaAllah ^^
Nitey Nitez!!!

^^ anyeong!

akhirnya aku telah bjaya mwujudkan blog ini \(^^,)/
tp utk pmulaan aku x leh nk tulis byk2..
aku da nk kna posting japg..
mlm ni akan ku start mluahkn prasaan kat cni,ahaha..
thx to mirah yg bjaya mghasut aku xD
k lets yell 2 the world!!!