Feb 19, 2012

Up-dating a Thing

Lol it's been a while! ^^' I'm kind of updating  visiting my blog twice a year.. Ok so right now there's so much stuff that I'm thinking and I want to talk about. Since I already finished my 3 years studies, I'm having quite a lot of free time and yea I'll try to update this blog eventhough no one cares. (honestly I don't care, too) Today I finally realized how lousy DBSK's header up there ^ but I'm not in the mood to edit a new header yet. Soon maybe. 

Let me write about this 1st ; I'm going to Korea! Who's coming with me? ;) Thanks to Kak Ngah for inviting me. Without her I definitely can't go n got a greenlight from my dad~ I've been 'planning' this since I was 17 with my forever a loan alone friend, Yat. Who says we love Korea like main2? Who says we can't go? Who says you're not pretty  we 're such a pathetic Kpop lover? Nanananana~~ 

Here!! Here!!

Everyday we're talking about going here and there, but the itinerary is still not done.  Tsk. We do take a look at the samples and I hope everything is gonna be fine. My bro keep asking me to go to the park in one of the scene on City Hunter. Ya it's beautiful but I'm not sure what the name of it..  Lol maybe it's better if I go straight to Lee Minho's residence and ask him where the park is? *pedo* jk. I'm not sure about what I have to feel right now~ Excited + Nervous + Worry + Pedo = Speechless but still can update this blog. 
Pathetic still (-,,-) 

Ok enough thanks goodbye. Bye. 

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