Jul 14, 2011

Review : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This poster was cool! ^^

Assalammulaikum. Dalam bersilat2 kat ICU pg tadi, sempat jugak aku p tengok filem Harry Potter nih. Tapi unfortunately aku cuma sempat tgk lepas 15 minit filem ni start, atas sebab2 yg x dapat dielakkan. Agak nak menangis gak aku tadi, tapi sebab aku rock, aku tahan ja. Ok, merepek. So aku nak cerita sket la pasal filem ni. Cerita banyak pun x pa kan. Blog aku, suka ati aku la. *kena tampaq dgn jiran sbb byk ckp.* Dah2.

For your information, this film is only 2 hours length. Eventhough it is the shortest of all the Harry Potter's film, it's full with adventures and excitement. It started with the trio (Harry, Hermione and Ron)
zipping about, donning disguises and wizarding themselves into ever-more dangerous situations all with the goal of tracking down and destroying the Horcruxes that contain chunks of Lord Voldemort’s dark soul
. With the help of Albus Dumbeldore's brother, Aberforth, and their friend, Neville Longbottom, they able to enter the palace of Hogwarts without any harm from You-Know-Who sides.

I'm quite moved,when actually there were so many of people who stand by Harry's side. They try to keep the palace safe from Voldemort's harm, while Ron and Hermione searching for the Basilisk fangs, (to destroy the Horcruxes) and Harry keep searching for the remain Horcruxes alone. There's some breathtaking part that makes me feel like jump, run myself and sometimes I goes 'Hey run!' 'Faster3!' 'Look behind u!' Ok, I'm overacting. Again (-..-')

There are other scenes worth cheering for their nostalgic appeal: when, at Hogwarts, Harry leaps upon a broomstick and rescues Draco Malfoy from a fire the evil albino has started. Also when the spells for the guards are getting weaker because of the continuous attack from You-Know-Who, all of the giant ogres and giant spiders make a special appearance and attack the defense of Hogwarts. (-..-') 'I am honestly hate that kind of spiders very much!'

Harry Potter continues his journey alone, after he knew that he's actually another half of Voldemort and he have to be kill by Voldermort himself, if he want to destroy Voldemort forever. He given a task to Hermione, to kill the Nagini and also Voldemort, after Harry dies. She knew about what will happen to Harry Potter and promise to do her best.

So, does Voldemort kill Harry Potter? in the end, does Voldemort die? What will happen to Hogwarts? Was Severus Snape really on Voldemort's side? Hahaha. Please, grab ur ticket and watch it urself.
Maybe because I'm so biased towards this series, so I would like to rate it as 10 out of 10!! ^^ But finally I have to say goodbye to my 10-years-addiction. Tsk2. Goodbye Harry Potter~~ We grown up together and you will always be in my mind. *with my Optimus Prime xD

P/s : Grammar terabuq. Sorry. I'm typing with my half-opened-eyes. I'm so sleepy so I'll recheck my post after this. If there's any mistake, I'm sorry. Maybe it came from my own imagination~ xD Once again, this movie is fabulous~! Go and watch it at the nearest cinema ok?? I gonna miss this series after this. (T.T) Ok then, good night~! Assalam.

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