Nov 28, 2010

Bruce Lee?

Family :)

Bruce, Brandon and Linda

Yesterday i went out with my fellas.
Around 12pm we bought ticket for Ngangkung n BLMB.
They watch Ngangkung, which I ad watch.
N i catch dis historical movie of Bruce Lee,
which I never interested before ^^'
Alone, I walked into the hall n sat on my seat.
While waiting for the movie to start,
I disturbed my fren, which in THX hall,
by messaging her.
After 15 mins of ads,
the film finally start.

Seriously, if you are not a fan of Bruce Lee,
you will find nothing in this movie.
At 1st, I get bored.
But I hold on till the end.
Hurm, ok.
It shown dat Bruce Lee was a loyal fren,
nice brother,
but a naughty son.

Because there's still 2 sequels to come,
I can conclude that this movie is brilliant.
4 over 5 stars.

Last night, based on my curiosity,
I googled about him,
his family,
his son, his daughter.
And it's shocking.
They're such a beautiful family but everything turned down cruelly.
He died in such a young age, same goes to his son.
What a heartbreaking facts to his wife :(

Well, thanks to BLMB,
I got to know about this well-known Bruce Lee better.
It's a history, which world could never forget.
*claps for this movie

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